Jimuel Pacquiao Breaks Silence On Breakup w/ Heaven Peralejo

Jimuel Pacquiao Clears Heaven Peralejo from Allegations Following Breakup

JIMUEL PACQUIAO – Celebrity son Jimuel Pacquiao broke his silence on his breakup with actress Heaven Peralejo.

It is no secret to the public that Jimuel Pacquiao and actress Heaven Peralejo had a romantic relationship. It was early 2019 when the boxing champ’s son introduced the actress as his girlfriend.

The celebrity son is the eldest among the five(5) children of Senator Manny Pacquiao and his wife, Jinkee Pacquiao. Just like his father, he is also into boxing and had won an amateur fight already.


However, in July 2019, there were reports that Jimuel and Heaven’s relationship are on the rocks. It was followed by rumors that the couple has already broken up.

Heaven was also accused of being the reason behind their breakup. Allegedly, the actress used the credit card of the boxing champ’s son in buying groceries for her family. It was allegedly the cause of their split.


Previously, during her guesting in Magandang Buhay, Heaven Peralejo broke her silence and confirmed her breakup with Jimuel Pacquiao. As to the reason, she cited that she was not anymore appreciated and she had to leave the relationship.

Also, the actress put down the accusations that she used Jimuel’s credit card for the groceries of her family. She also stressed that she is okay with the family of her now ex-boyfriend.

Recently, Jimuel Pacquiao has also broken up his silence on his breakup with Heaven Peralejo. Based on a report on Pep, the celebrity son put down the money allegations against his ex-girlfriend.

“Yung lahat po ng naririnig niyo tungkol sa money, yung mga ganun, hindi po totoo yun. Hindi po siya ganun [Heaven Peralejo],” Jimuel said based on the report.

Currently, Jimuel and Heaven have remained friends although they are no longer together as a couple. They still check on each other once in a while and they are willing to work together if there is a project offer.

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