Lacson Fires Back At Duterte’s Criticism, Asks “Who Is Ignorant?”

Senator Ping Lacson Asks Duterte “Who Is Ignorant” Amidst Criticism

PANFILO LACSON – Senator Panfilo “Ping Lacson” replied to the criticism of President Duterte by asking him “Pray Tell, Who is ignorant?”.

Lacson Fires Back At Duterte's Criticism, Asks "Who Is Ignorant?"
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On Tuesday, President Duterte gave a speech in Malacañang. During his speech he criticized both Vice President Leni Robredo and Lacson.

Duterte in his speech said that Robredo does not read and understand the law. He also added that Lacson was trying to be a crusader but is ignorant.

The President’s comments was in response to Robredo and Lacson’s statements about him on a certain issue.

Lacson Fires Back At Duterte's Criticism, Asks "Who Is Ignorant?"
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This issue was regarding Duterte’s comments that policemen may accept gifts of nominal value. And that police could accept gifts if given by thankful citizens.

In His speech uploaded by Duterte News Report, Duterte added he used the word “nominal”, out of gratitude. The President then said that Filipinos are like that.

On his twitter page, Lacson takes rebutted the Presidents criticism. He poster “Pray tell, who is ignorant?”. This was in regard to the President being okay with cops accepting gifts.

In his speech, President Duterte also warned Lacson. Duterte cautioned him that he should be more circumspect because he wanted to run for President.

In lieu of this Lacson has stated the he only comments on issues when asked. He added that he does not jump into issues he is not familiar with.

He then said that although he is not a lawyer, he knows and understand the law. Lacson also added that he asks his lawyers staff if he does not.

As for Duterte’s comment about Lacson’s plan to run for presidency, the Senator said that he is not sure that he would run for President. He then added that he doesn’t know what Duterte’s talking about.

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