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Guide On How To Teach Dog To Sit

HOW TO TEACH DOG TO SIT – Here is a step-by-step guide in teaching your dog how to sit.

Dogs are undeniably intelligent creatures but they need some diligent training too. It is the duty of the pet owners to spend time teaching their furbabies some tricks or even just some simple command.

A pet owner won’t have a hard time disciplining a dog which knows some basic command. It can really be helpful most especially if you have guests at home or the dog has to wait on when its bowl would be served.

With regards to the basic commands, one of those that you must teach your dog first is sitting. How to teach dog to sit?

How To Teach Dog To Sit

In this article, we will present a step-by-step guide on how to teach dog to sit. You will need a tasty treat that is really appealing for your pet.

Step 1

Take the treat and show it to your dog. Do not give it yet most especially when the dog is standing on his four feet.

Step 2

Move the treat to the tip of the nose of the dog. Be sure that it is close enough so the dog won’t jump to get it. Move the treat from the tip of the dog’s nose to behind his back.

Step 3

Moving the treat to behind his back would freely put the dog in a sit position. As soon as the dog sits, say “sit” and then give the treat to him as a reward. It is also best to rub his head to make him know he did a good job.

Repeat the process for not more than ten(10) minutes. After it, do it again tomorrow and on the next days until the dog learns how to sit. The training can best be done indoor first before doing it outdoor where there are a lot of distractions.

In teaching your dog to sit, be sure to give treats that are healthy for your dog. There are a lot of human food that are not safe for them.

You may read – FOOD BAD FOR DOGS – List of Human Food You Should Not Give Your Dog.

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