BABY NAMES: 2019 Most Popular Names Parents Give Their Babies

Here are the most popular baby names in 2019

BABY NAMES – Many parents may have a hard time thinking what name would they give to their babies and so here is a guide of the most popular baby names in 2019.

This information from the was a result of the compilation of data coming from the Social Security Administration and Internet user data, based on the article from Reader’s Digest.

Rick Pendrick, a representative for said:
“We may be seeing a shift where many of the current most popular names like Sophia, Isabella, Mia, Olivia, and, to a lesser extent, Emma have peaked all at the same time. Other names, like Amelia, and Evelyn, are growing rapidly and will likely take the place of the currently higher ranking names in the coming years.”

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Here are the most popular names for girls this year:

  1. Emma (Previously #1)
  2. Ava (Previously #3)
  3. Olivia (Previously #2)
  4. Isabella (Previously #4)
  5. Amelia (Previously #8)
  6. Mia (Previously #6)
  7. Evelyn (Previously #9)
  8. Charlotte (Previously #7)
  9. Sophia (Previously #5)
  10. Harper (Previously #11)

When it comes to the boys’ names, Pendrick said that many entries that were included in the top 10 list were Biblical names. Here are the popular names for boys:

  1. Liam (Previously #1)
  2. Noah (Previously  #2)
  3. Logan (Previously #5)
  4. James (Previously #4)
  5. Oliver (Previously #9)
  6. Elijah (Previously #8)
  7. Benjamin (Previously #6)
  8. William (Previously #3)
  9. Lucas (Previously #11)
  10. Mason (Previously #7)

Meanwhile here are the wildcard names:


For the Filipino parents, here are the most popular baby names for your baby girl or baby boy including the meanings, according to The Asian Parent.

Filipino Names Baby Girl

  1. Adah – derive from the Bible which means “an assembly” in Hebrew.
  2. Amihan –  meaning “east wind.”
  3. Amalia – with Latin origin that means “hard working.”
  4. Atarah – a Biblical name that means “crown” in Hebrew.
  5. Bituin – meaning “star.:
  6. Barbara – meaning “stranger.”
  7. Belinda – meaning “beautiful.”
  8. Bernadette – meaning “brave as a bear.”
  9. Candida – this means “white.”
  10. Carmela – meaning “garden.”
  11. Carmelita – with Spanish origin meaning “little poem.”
  12. Cassandra – means “she who entangles men.”
  13. Cecilia – this means “blind”
  14. Celeste – old name meaning “heavenly.”
  15. Charo – with Spanish origins, meaning “rosary.”
  16. Cielo – with Spanish origin meaning “sky.”
  17. Clara – this means “illustrious.”
  18. Cristina – meaning “Christ-bearer.”
  19. Dalisay – Filipino name meaning “pure.”
  20. Daniela – with Spanish origin meaning “God is my judge.”
  21. Delila – meaning “the one who weakened.”
  22. Diana – Biblical name that means “luminous or perfect” in Latin.
  23. Edna – Biblical name that means ‘pleasure or delight’ in Hebrew.
  24. Elizabeth – this means “God is my oath.’
  25. Eva – means ‘living” in Hebrew.
  26. Felicia – old name meaning “happiness.”
  27. Gabriela – feminine form of the Biblical name Gabriel that means “God is my strength.”
  28. Gilda – old name meaning “golden.”
  29. Imelda – this means “entire battle.”
  30. Isla – with Scottish origin that means “island.”
  31. Joanna – Biblical name that means “grace or gift of the Lord.”
  32. Juana – with Spanish origin meaning “God is gracious.”
  33. Julia – a popular baby girl name meaning “soft and downy.’
  34. Kristina – a feminine version of the name Christian which means “Christ.”
  35. Ligaya – this means “happiness.”
  36. Lualhati – Filipino name that “peace and tranquility.”
  37. Luningning – meaning “brightness and brilliance.”
  38. Luna – with Italian origin meaning “the moon.”
  39. Lydia – this means “standing pool” in Greek.
  40. Malaya – Filipino name meaning “free.”
  41. Marikit – meaning “beautiful.”
  42. Mercy –  means “compassion.”
  43. Myra – Biblical name that means “I flow” in Greek.
  44. Odessa – with Greek origin that means “long journey.”
  45. Olga – with Slavic origin that means “holy.”
  46. Pamela – meaning “all honey.”
  47. Paula – a means “small” in Latin.
  48. Priscilla – with Latin origin that means “ancient.”
  49. Ramona – this means “counsel protection.”
  50. Rebecca – Biblical name that means “soil” or to be “tied up” or “beautifully ensnaring.”
  51. Regina – this means “queen.”
  52. Rita – meaning “pearl.’
  53. Rosanna – meaning “gracious rose.”
  54. Rowena – an old name that means “fame joy.”
  55. Sampaguita – Filipino name that refers to the Philippine national flower.
  56. Sheila – meaning “heaven.”
  57. Tala – Filipino name meaning “morning star.”
  58. Talitha – Biblical name meaning “maiden child.”
  59. Teresa – meaning “harvester.’
  60. Ula – this means “jewel of the sea.”
  61. Ulan – in Filipino this means “rain” but it also has an African origin, meaning “firstborn of twins.”
  62. Valentina – this means “strength and health.”
  63. Veronica – with French origin that means “bring victory.”
  64. Victoria – this means “winner and conqueror.”
  65. Yana – with Hebrew origin meaning “he answers.’
  66. Yasmin – with Persian origin that means “jasmine.”
  67. Yolanda – an old name that means “violet flower.”
  68. Zabrina – this means “for the river.”
  69. Zina – a Greek Biblical name for your baby girl that means ‘shining’.
  70. Zofia – this means “wisdom.”

Filipino Names Baby

  1. Adrian – meaning “sea” or “water.”
  2. Alon – Filipino name which means “waves.” It is also a short form of Alfonzo and Alphonso.
  3. Antonio – a traditional name which means “worthy of praise and value.”
  4. Arnold – derived from an old German name that means eagle power.
  5. Bagwis – Filipino name which means “long feather.”
  6. Bayani – Filipino name which means “hero.”
  7. Benjie – a Tagalog variant of the name Benjamin that means “son of the right hand, son of the south and son of luck.”
  8. Caesar/Cesar – from the Latin name Caesar which means “long-haired.”
  9. Carlo – with French origin that means “strong.”
  10. Christian – this means “follower of Christ.”
  11. Christopher – this means “carrier of Christ.”
  12. Crisanto – a traditional name meaning “golden flower.”
  13. Dakila – Filipino name that means “big and great.”
  14. Danilo – Tagalog variant of the name Daniel that means “God is my judge.”
  15. Datu – Filipino name that means “chief.”
  16. David – this means “beloved.”
  17. Diego – a traditional name that means “he who replaces.”
  18. Edward – meaning “rich guard.”
  19. Efren – a Spanish variant of the name Ephraim which means “fertile and fruitful.”
  20. Erik/Eric – this means “eternal ruler” or “honorable king.”
  21. Gabriel – meaning “God is my strength.”
  22. Genesis – a Hebrew name which means “beginning.”
  23. Gian – an Italian name that means “God is gracious.”
  24. Gregory – comes from the Latin name Gregorious, that means “watchful or alert.”
  25. Hayden – a variant of Haydn that means “heathen.”
  26. Honesto – Filipino name that means “honest.”
  27. Homobono – Filipino with Hispanic origin which means “good man.”
  28. Isagani – Filipino name that means “a rich, bountiful harvest.”
  29. Isaiah – means, “God is salvation” in Hebrew
  30. Isko – a shortened version of the name Francisco which means “free one.”
  31. Jejomar – a combination of the names Jesus, Joseph, and Mary.
  32. Jerome – this means “sacred name.
  33. Jomari – a combination of the names Joseph and Mary
  34. Jose – this means “He (God) will add.”
  35. Joselito – a variation of the name Joseph.
  36. Joseph – a Hebrew name that means “May God add increase.”
  37. Joshua – this means “God is generous”.
  38. Juan – Spanish baby boy name which means “God is gracious.”
  39. Jun – abbreviation of the name Junior, which means the “younger version of his father.”
  40. Kevin – with Irish origin that means “birth of a kind, gentle and handsome.”
  41. Kidlat – a unique Filipino name which means “lightning.”
  42. Kyle – with Scottish origin which means “narrow, straight.”
  43. Lester – with an English origin meaning “fortified place.”
  44. Luis – a with Spanish origin meaning “fame and warrior.”
  45. Luzvimindo – the combination of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.
  46. Makisig – this means “handsome.”
  47. Magtanggol – this means “to defend.”
  48. Mark – “consecrated to the god of war, Mars.”
  49. Mauricio – this means ‘dark skinned’.
  50. Melchor – this means “city of the king.”
  51. Nicholas – with Greek origin that means “victory of the people.”.
  52. Nimuel – meaning “peace.”
  53. Norman – meaning “northman” or Viking.
  54. Omar – with Hebrew origin meaning “eloquent.”
  55. Paul/Paulo – this means “small, humble.”
  56. Restituto – a traditional name that means “put back or restore.”
  57. Rizal – derived from the Philippines’ national hero José Rizal that also means “greening again.”
  58. Rodel – with French origin that means “famous ruler.”
  59. Rodrigo – a Spanish version of classic name Roderick that also means “famous ruler.”
  60. Rommel – this means “to make a noise.”
  61. Ronald – this means “advice” and “ruler.”
  62. Sherwin – with Persian origin that means “eternal soul” and “like a lion.”
  63. Steven/Stephen – with Latin origin meaning “crown” or “garland.”
  64. Tomas – meaning “twin.”
  65. Venancio – this means “hunting.”
  66. Vincent – derived from the Latin word vincere or “to conquer.”
  67. Vito – comes from the Latin word vita meaning “life.”
  68. Wilfred – this means “desiring peace.”
  69. Xander – derived from the name Alexander which means “defending men.”
  70. Zeus – the name of the Greek god of the sky and thunder.

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