Amazon Ring Under Interrogation For Its Doorbell Cameras

Amazon Ring Under Interrogation For Its Doorbell Cameras

AMAZON RING – Amazon Ring, a doorbell camera company by Amazon, was under interrogation from a US Senator over their doorbell cameras.

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According to an article by Inquirer, Massachusetts Democrat Senator Edward Markey sent a letter to Jeff Bozos, chief executive officer of Amazon.

In the letter, Markey expressed the privacy and civil liberty concrns about the cameras from Ring that are recording and saving footage of the neighborhoods from US.

Markey further wrote that he is inquiring for more details from Bezos about the video sharing agreements of Ring with law enforcement agencies. Markey further expressed alarm that the company might push for facial recognition technology, which could mark certain people as suspicious.

As per the report, the company announced that it will review the letter. Law enforcement agencies said that the agreement with the crime-fixated social network of Ring counts as a digital version of a neighborhood watch.

There are critics who claimed that it may turn neighborhoods into areas with constant surveillance and makes suspicion over minorities, who will be heavily affected.

More than about 400 law enforcement agencies signed deals with Ring ever since it began offering collaborations in 2018, according to last week’s article from the Washington Post.

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