Bea-Gerald Issue: Mommy Vangie Doesn’t Like The Actress’ Attitude?

Bea Alonzo’s attitude is the alleged reason why Mommy Vangie doesn’t like her for Gerald Anderson

Mommy Vangie, the mother of Gerald Anderson, expressed that she does not like Bea Alonzo for her son and the actress’ attitude is the alleged reason.

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Gerald’s mom surprised many showbiz enthusiasts when she spoke before a local media in Mindanao when the Bea-Gerald issue has already subsided. Because of this, she was bashed. Many netizens did not like how she ranted against the ex-girlfriend of her son. She even dragged the name of Zanjoe Marudo in her statement, the actor formerly linked to Bea.

The mother also directly expressed that she does not want the actress for her son. Bea and Gerald were together as a couple for three years. However, their breakup went controversial when the actress released her “ghosting” statement. This is aside from the fact that Gerald was linked to her Between Maybes leading lady Julia Barretto.

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In line with Gerald’s rumored affair with Julia, Mommy Vangie said that she does not want them to have a relationship because of the age gap. So, why Gerald’s mother does not like Bea? Based on the article from Pang-Masa, a source of Take It… Per Minute (Me Ganun), the digital talk show of Lolit Solis, Cristy Fermin, and Mr. Fu, revealed something about this.

Bea Alonzo
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According to the article, the feeling is mutual between the mom of Gerald and Bea. Allegedly, the actress would go to the house of her ex-boyfriend without greeting his mother. The source stated that the actress was “snabera”. It was also said that Bea would just go directly into the room of Gerald. The source added that they understand why Mommy Vangie does not like the actress for her son.

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