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Take note of these burglar alert tips

BURGLAR ALERT – These tips will help you in keeping away the burglars from your house or to prevent their burglary attempts.

Breaking in of burglars in a home is one of the most common crimes. In order to avoid this incident, here are the tips that came from inmates at Oregon Department of Corrections who were convicted of burglary. KGW’s investigative team sent survey questionnaires to 86 inmates.

burglar alert
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They said that typically, they break into a home through doors and windows. As cliche as it may sound, be sure to lock the doors, windows and every possible point where they can get in. It is also advisable to choose a kick-proof door and install bars at windows.

According to the answers from the burglars, they usually do their crime early morning or afternoon. A convicted burglar said, “Between 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm. Anyone that was home for lunch should be gone by then and most kids should all still be in school.” Be extra cautious in these times.

Alarms can also deter the burglary attempt, however, there are those experts who know how to turn off the alarm. It is better to put up also a camera which is visible to warn the burglars. On the other hand, for some, this is a confirmation that there are valuables inside the house.

All of the inmates who answered the questionnaire said that they would knock on the door first before breaking in. Through that, they would know if there is someone in the house and if no one answers they would continue the crime. When someone is at home and will open the door, they would create an alibi.

Here are some of the answers from the inmates about their alibis:

“Act like I was lost or looking for a friend.”

“I would approach the resident as though they had posted an ad on Craigslist.”

“Say wrong house, sorry and thank you.”

“Ask if they’d seen my dog and leave.”

“Sometimes I would wear nice clothing and print a questionnaire off the Internet and carry a clipboard and see if they could spare a moment for an anonymous survey.”

In addition, TV or radio on inside the house would make the burglars back out. It is also an additional alert for them when they see a car parking outside the house. This will signal them that there’s someone in the house.

Another advantage for the burglar is the structure and location of the house itself. The inmates said that they would choose a house that is surrounded by bushes or trees or those that seemed to be secluded from the neighborhood. With this, it will be easy for them to hide. Burglars also want houses that are poorly-lit, according to the survey.

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