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Here are some effective study habits.

EFFECTIVE STUDY HABITS – Here are some of the most effective study habits you must know which are perfect for all types of students.

To get the attention of student is quite hard that is why teachers innovate and improve their teaching style and in order to make students retain what they have taught. However, learning doesn’t end in school. It is extended in the house and to parents, here are some tips for children to have an effective study habit.

Effective Study Habits

And so, here are some tips and trick to effectively study fit for all types of students:

  • First off, a student must identify what kind of a learner he or she is for it is this way where they can learn things effectively. The different types of learners are: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, logical, verbal, social, and solitary.
  • Be realistic and SMART to set your study goals. SMART means Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bounded goals.
  • Make studying a part of your routine everyday which means you review the lessons that have been taught every day in your chosen time instead of cramming to study few days before the examination. Study with or without the exams.
  • Find your study zone which means that you have to find a place which is comfortable enough for you to study with the good lighting where every needed notes and books are there and most importantly, away from any gadgets in order to focus more.
  • Before studying, avoid a heavy meal and have some little stretching to prepare the body and mind.
  • Take down notes and always review them. You can also join a group study to obtain other ideas from your classmates that you do not know yet. Group study is also a perfect setting to ask, discuss, debate, and quiz each other on the topics at hand.
  • Most important of all, as per Develop Good Habits, is to have enough sleep and rest. Being sleepy and tired while studying is surely ineffective.


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