CALAMANSI – Background & Health Benefits of this Citrus Fruit

Background & Health Benefits of Calamansi

CALAMANSI – Here is a guide on the background and health benefits of this citrus fruit.

Among the many kinds of fruits, one of those that may not impress a lot of people with its taste but actually has a lot of health benefits for the body is calamansi.

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Calamansi, a citrus fruit, is believed to be originally grown in the Southeast Asia. It is also called as Kalamansi or “golden limes”. It is widely used in making a sauce, flavoring a food, or as a healthy beverage.

Based on an article on Men’s Welfare, here is a list of some of the health benefits of this citrus fruit:

It helps control the cholesterol level in the body.

Most diseases are caused by having a high cholesterol level most especially cardiovascular conditions. Health researchers say that this citrus fruit can actually help control the levels of cholesterol in the body and is also excellent for a healthy weight loss.

It is a powerhouse of vitamins and nutrients.

Calamansi is a rich source of vitamins and nutrients including protein, calcium, sodium, potassium, carbohydrate, dietary fiber, cholesterol, iron, and Vitamins A and C.

It boosts immunity.

With its Vitamin C content, this citrus fruit is excellent in boosting the immunity of the body against diseases. It aids in the production of the white blood cells which help fight infection.

It helps remove body odor.

Based on the article, this citrus fruit got antibacterial properties making it an excellent food in removing body odor. You can add some of it on your bath water.

It helps prevent diabetes.

Researches proved that this citrus fruit can help lower the glucose level in the blood. Furthermore, it also helps manage the secretion of insulin which controls the glucose making it an excellent fruit in preventing diabetes.

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