UBE – What Is Ube & What Are Its Health Benefits

Guide on What Is “Ube” & Its Health Benefits

UBE – Here is a guide on what is this usual food ingredient and its health benefits for the body.

Not only in the Philippines but as well as in the whole Asia, one of the vegetables that is widely known is ube. In English, it is also referred as purple yam, violet yam, or water yam.

This vegetable can be eaten as a snack by boiling it. In PH, it is usually part of the ingredients in cooking certain dishes. It is also part of Halo-Halo, a popular Filipino dessert.

A lot of people like eating ube for its sweet taste. However, not everyone knows that there is actually more to this violet-colored vegetable. It is actually loaded with health benefits for the body.

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Based on an article on Healthline, here is a list of some of the health benefits that we can get from ube or purple yam:

It is a powerhouse of nutrients.

This vegetable is a rich source of a lot of nutrients. In fact, just 100 grams or a cup of it already contains 140 calories, 27 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of protein, 4 grams of fiber, 13.5% of the daily value of potassium, and 40% of the DV of Vitamin C.

It helps regulate the blood sugar.

Based on the article, purple yam contains flavonoids which can help lower the blood sugar of a person. Aside from it, it can also help counter inflammation and obesity that are often times results of oxidative stress.

It helps counter asthma symptoms.

Vitamins A and C are necessary in reducing the risk of asthma and ube is an excellent source of these vitamins based on the article. These two vitamins are antioxidants.

It aids in body detoxification.

Aside from Vitamins A and C which are antioxidants, this vegetable is also rich in anthocyanins which can help detoxify the body. It helps reduce the risk of a lot of health conditions including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

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