Couple Married For Over 70 Years, Passed Away On The Same Day

This Old Couple Died On The Same Day

COUPLE MARRIED – This old couple was married for over 70 years and they passed away on the same day about 12 hours apart.

couple married
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Marriage is a sacred ceremony that binds two people together officially forever, in the eyes of the state and of God. Exchanging the vows “till death do us part” means a lot for some couples and they live by it.

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Meanwhile, this husband and wife, married for 71 years, passed away on the same day just 12 hours apart.

The husband identified as Herbert DeLaigle (94 years old) and his wife Marilyn DeLaigle (88 years old) both passed away last July 12, 2019.

According to WRDW from Augusta, Ga., Herbert let out his last breath at 2:20 am in the morning and Marilyn also passed away twelve hours after by 2:20 pm on the same day.

Before, Herbert lived and worked with his wife afte he retired as a master sergeant from the US Army. He worked with his wife at a nursery that she owned.

Their love ended up with a huge family of new generations with six children, 16 grandchildren, 25 great grandchildren and 3 great great grandchildren!

The couple’s caregiver made a post on Facebook and described how the couple loved each other.

Sharon Gibbons Brown wrote:

“You could feel the love they had for each other the moment you walked into their room they were both so pleasant and humble they accepted me as their caregiver just minutes after meeting them. The very first night I stayed with them they were awake holding hands like 4:00 am in the morning telling each other how much they loved each other. They smiled giggled and play like teenagers falling in love for the first time.”

This is according to an article from CBN News.

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