Naughty Parent Pranks Child To Stop It From Excessive Use of Mobile Phone

Naughty Parent Who Pranked Child After Excessive Use of Mobile Phone Goes Viral

The naughty parent who pranked its own child to stop him from excessive use of mobile phone goes viral and garnered various reactions online.

Nowadays, most people are owning different types of mobile phones, which is used for different purposes such as communication, mobile surfing, and gaming.

Young children are also using mobile phone for educational and entertainment purposes, which has both positive and negative impact.

Naughty Parent

However, parents should set a limit to their children on how long they could use gadgets and cellular phone per day.

Medical experts also warned the public that the excessive use of a smartphone could cause a negative impact on the body’s health.

Recently, the Facebook page “1SABAH” has shared the photos of a young kid with a black eye shadow on its face.

Naughty Parent

The parent secretly applied a black eye shadow to the young kid after playing mobile phone. The kid screamed after waking up and seeing itself with a black mark around its eyes.

Naughty Parent

Here is the full post:

“I tried and it worked!!
My kid played on the phone. So I secretly applied a black eye shadow to them. After waking up and seeing themselves, the kid screamed. I said it’s because you played so much. Don’t play like this again.
#I secretly feel bad and funny, haha.”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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