List of Classic Filipino Values & Traits That Are Slowly Forgotten

Classic Filipino Values & Traits That We Should Know

Here is the list of classic Filipino values, characters, and traits that are slowly forgotten and gradually deteriorating.

Each country has its own tradition, culture, traits, values, qualities, and religion, which becomes the trademark of every nationality.

Nowadays, Filipino believe that the Philippines has the best values and characteristics in the world.

Classic Filipino Values

However, there are some Filipino characters and values, which are already forgotten in this modern generation.

The young generation should also learn the classic traits and values of the Filipino people to ensure that it will live on in the upcoming years.

Classic Filipino Values

Here are some of the positive and negative traits of the Filipino people:

Hospitality (+)

  • Filipinos are very popular all around for being showing warm hospitality not only to their fellow countrymen but also to the foreigners.

Respect (+)

  • Young children usually show respect to the elder by putting the elders’ hand on the foreheads and greeting them with Mano Po. Filipino children also say ‘Po’ and ‘Opo’ as a sign of respect.

Love & Care (+)

  • We are known as the most loving people all around the world for being sweet and romance when it comes to love.

Generosity (+)

  • Filipino people are known as generous people inviting visitors on their home to celebrate special events such as birthday, wedding, or fiesta.

Helpful (+)

  • We have a big heart and compassion to lend a helping hand towards others without hesitation.

Hardworking (+)

  • We are hardworking people who are willing to work throughout the entire day for not much compensation.

Crab Mentality (-)

  • Some of our countrymen have crab mentality pulling each other

Ningas Kugon (-)

  • Showing great enthusiasm at the start of a project but the passion quickly fades away leaving the work unfinished.

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