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Here are some examples of healthy snacks suggestions

These healthy snacks suggestions are going to be helpful if you aim a clean eating habit.

Snack is part of most people’s routine every single day. However, for some, this extra meal or time of eating adds more calories to the body.

However, there are quite a lot of healthy snacks that you can choose, especially if you are health conscious, according to The Indian Spot.

healthy snacks
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Boiled eggs – Just peel and slice the boiled egg and sprinkled with salt and pepper. It is filled with healthy vitamins and essential fatty acids. 

Dark chocolate – This kind of chocolate is known to have antioxidants, reduces appetite, and stimulates metabolism.

Nuts – Choose from the wide variety of nuts for your healthy snacks such as walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts, and pistachios.

Avocado toast – You just need to mash 1/4 of an avocado on 1 slice of toasted clean bread and sprinkle with salt and pepper if you want something fulfilling.

Apple chips – This is one kind of healthy chips. All you need to do is to slice the apple (make it thin) and bake it in a microwave. You can also make chips from kale or sweet potatoes.

Chickpeas – Soaked the chickpeas overnight and wash, rinse and pat it dry on the next day. Then, toss it with a little olive oil and your preferred spices. You can also add chili, a bit of lemon juice or onion powder. Bake at 200°C for about 30 minutes or until the chickpeas are brown.

Fresh watermelon, cucumber, carrots, bananas or grapes – These fresh fruits are known to be a healthy choice for your snacks.

Pumpkin seeds – Save your pumpkin seeds inside a jar after washing them., then roast. Pumpkin seeds are known to have essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.

Greek, sweet or frozen yogurt fruit bars – You can add nut butter, fruits, honey and cinnamon to greek yogurt.   For the sweet yogurt, just combine sugar or jaggery with yogurt and whisk the mixture, then refrigerate.

Lettuce veggies salad – You choose whatever vegetable you like and grill or steam them. Then, chop the lettuce and sprinkle over the veggies.

Fresh fruit juice – Add some yogurt and little milk in a blender with your preferred fruit. This is one of the examples of healthy snacks which is fulfilling for your appetite, according to TIS.

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