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KINDS OF EXERCISE – The 4 Kinds, Definition And Examples

KINDS OF EXERCISE – In this topic, we will now talk about the four kinds of exercise, their definition, and the following examples.


It is any bodily activity which enhances, improves, and sustains physical fitness and overall health.

There are four types: Aerobic, Strength, Balance, and Flexibility

Kinds of Exercise

1. Aerobic Exercises

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These types improves your cardiovascular system. They make your heart rate up and your breathing heavier. The benefits of doing this type is it can reduce your risk of heart diseases, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Examples or aerobic exercises are: swimming, running, dancing, etc.

2. Strength Exercises

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It involves working your muscles with the use of resistance. This improves lean muscle mass since they burn more calories than any other muscle tissue and is vital for weight loss. Examples of strength exercises are push-ups, crunches, weightlifting, and more.

3. Balance Exercises

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These types of exercises improve the overall balance of your body. This is also vital to the elderly or old people since balance gets even worse due to aging. This is still beneficiary for everyone, especially for those who lost or gained weight or even pregnant women. Examples of this type of exercise are standing on one foot, walking heel to toe, using a balance board or stability ball, and more.

4. Flexibility Exercises

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These involves stretching your muscles in order to improve your range of motion at your joints. These exercises improves your flexibility and avoids or prevents the risk of injury during sports, games, or activities. Examples are shoulder rolls, extended angle side bends, cat stretches, standing hamstring stretches and more.

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