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COMMON SPORTS – Meaning, Short History With Photos OF Each

COMMON SPORTS – In this topic, we will now talk about the common sports people know about, their definition, and a quick history of how they came to be.

A sport is an activity which includes all kinds and forms of physical activity or games which aims to sustain or improve physical fitness or skills and at the same time, give entertainment to players and audiences.

Here are the commonly and well-known sports:


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A club-and-ball sport which involves using a club to strike the ball into a hole with as few strokes as possible. The player with the fewest strokes wins. The strongest evidence of golf in the ancient times is it is based on a Roman game called paganica or a Chinese game called chuiwan.


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Also known as rugby union, it is a team sport from England in the 19th century. It is a game where you run with the rugby ball in hand and deliver it to the goal.


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A bat-and-ball sport where two teams take turns batting and fielding. In this game, the pitcher from the fielding team throws the ball and the batter in the batting team, tries to hit the ball. If the batter misses three times, he is out. The sport can possibly came from the French in 1344 via a manuscript in a cleric game called la soule but the sport officially began in the mid-1850s in the metropolitan era of New York.


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A game of two teams with five players each, where it involves dribbling the ball and scoring by shooting or dunking the ball inside the ring. A Canadian P.E. professor named James Nalsmith created this sport in 1891 as an alternative activity for his students to play when it’s raining.

Table Tennis

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Also known as ping pong, it began in the 19th Century in England as a miniature version of the sports lawn tennis. This sport involves two or four players, hitting a ball over the net with rackets.


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Influenced by games in Western Europe and North America and was invented by William G. Morgan in 1895. The sport involves two teams with six players each trying to volley or throw the ball over the net.


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The huge version of ping pong. Tennis is a racket sport similar to ping pong but with a rubber ball, a larger racket, and a wider field. The sport was believed to have been played by Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks.

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