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Part of relationship goals is when you know that your partner is not a cheater

Here are the 5 signs that prove your partner is not cheating on you as part of the relationship goals.

Cheating is one of the most hurtful things that can happen in a relationship, especially if it is intentional. On the other hand, couples who are faithful to each other can have a long-lasting relationship.

In order to know that your partner is not a cheater, here are the 5 signs that you must know, according to Women Daily Magazine.

relationship goals - signs partner is not cheating
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#1 Honesty

Honesty is vital between two individuals, much more if they are a couple. When your partner knows that lying could ruin the relationship, then it is a good indication. There must be an open communication whether one side is telling about a good or bad thing.

#2 Concern

One thing you can show your affection towards a person is when you show concern. If your partner is always thinking about your welfare and what is good for you then, he or she is for keeps.

#3 Managing time

Even partners have their own lives and things that they must do separately. However, when your partner really spends quality time with you despite busy schedules, then it is something to be happy about. This way, your partner will no longer have time to flirt with others.

#4 Past is past

It is inevitable that your partner had previous relationships before you but when he or she is not making any comparison between the past and the present or not telling stories about the ex, it means past is really past.

#5 Support

A good partner is a good support system, based on the article. One could achieve success with a happy heart knowing that the person he or she loves serves as the wind beneath his or her wings.

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