VIDEO: Manny Pacquiao Reaction To Keith Thurman’s $10K Knockout Bet

Here’s Reaction of Manny Pacquiao to Keith Thurman’s $10K Knockout Bet

MANNY PACQUIAO – Find out the reaction of Manny Pacquiao to Keith Thurman’s $10K K.O. bet.

American boxer Keith Thurman compared himself to a ‘hungry, young lion.’ He vowed to his fans that he’ll put Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao where he belongs.

 The 30-year-old professional boxer said he always wanted to fight Pacman in the boxing ring. The two remarkable boxers are set to box this July 20.

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During their face off, both Manny Pacquiao and Keith Thurman shared their thoughts about their upcoming fight at the MGM Grand Garden, Arena in the US.

The American boxer said the world of boxing has changed and he’ll end Pacman’s career in boxing.

“Times changed, I believe boxing has come to a new era… I’m doing to Manny Pacquiao what he did to Oscar De La Hoya,” said Thurman.

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Manny Pacquiao replied to the younger fighter saying his time is not over yet.

“My time is not yet over. My journey will continue. That’s what I want to prove on July 20,” he said.

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Based on a report from ABS-CBN, Manny’s longtime boxing coach Freddie Roach said the Pinoy boxer has been doing well with his training.

“Boxed 10 really, really good rounds today and I’m really happy with his sparring partners. Very good. They’re both doing a good job,” he said.

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According to the report, Freddy Roach said Manny’s condition is about 90% now as he starts his heavy training this coming Monday.

Roach revealed that he liked the Filipino boxer more if he doesn’t like his opponent because it makes him more aggressive.

“He is bothered by some things said, and I like that (Pacquiao) does get angry. I do like when Manny doesn’t like his opponent because he does fight better,” he said.

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Meanwhile, Keith Thurman proclaimed that he’s betting $10K that he’ll knock out Pacman before the 3rd round ends.

Manny gave a savage reply to the American boxer saying, “I wanna thank him, than you for the donation.”

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