Hidilyn Diaz Requests Too Much Financial Support – Ex PSC Chairman

The Olympic Weightlifter Asks For Too Much Financial Support According To The Former PSC Chairman

HIDILYN DIAZ – The Olympic weightlifting icon Hidilyn Diaz is asking for too much financial support according to the former PSC Chairman.

Hidilyn Diaz
Photo taken from Hidilyn Diaz | Instagram

The Filipana Olympic silver medalist is now making preparations for her next competition in Pattaya, Thailand on September 2019. She will competing for International Weightlifting Federation World Championships.

After her requests for financial support on social media, she also asked the government to hire her boyfriend as her conditioning coach.

Meanwhile, several athletes started their training programs for the next Olympics. Diaz has already set her goal to make history once again by winning the first ever Gold Medal for the country in her sport.

But considering all that she needs to get the best training, she apparently feels like she doesn’t get enough financial support.

Last Monday, she requested to be financially supported privately for her training to compete in the coming Tokyo Olympics.

She expressed her hardships and shared her goal in her statement:

“Hirap na hirap na ako. Sa tingin niyo okay lang kaya, nahihiya kasi ako pero try ko kapalan ang mukha ko para sa minimithi kong pangarap para sa ating bansa na maiuwi ang gold medal sa Olympics.”

Currently, her coach is getting paid really well, being granted a nice monthly salary and food allowance. An NSA request she proposed was also approved recently.

On top of that, she was also given 3 million pesos after her last Olympic appearance from the government incentives act.

In the RMSC, a new weightlifting gym was also founded following her request for improvement in the old gym she used to be in.

She now getting bashed, however, on her social media accounts after the former Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) chairman Aparicio Mequi disclosed information about the athlete in a post made on Facebook.

Mequi revealed that Diaz really asked for her boyfriend to be her conditioning coach with a specifically set salary and a condo just for them. It seems like she is asking for too much.

Mequi revealed Diaz’s requests in his statement:

“So, as I promised my colleague Jesus S. Matubis Jr, here are additional info re the boyfriend of Hidilyn. She wanted PSC to hire him as her strength and conditioning (S&C) coach with a salary of $1,500 and condo inclusive of utilities at $400 or a total of $1,900/month!”

This is according to an article from MSN News.

As of now, Diaz still hasn’t responded and people are waiting for her answer to the accusations.

That is all there is to it, at least for now. We’ll post updates as soon as we got them.

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