UV Express Driver w/ Parkinson’s Disease Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Viral Video of UV Express Driver with Parkinson’ Disease

UV EXPRESS DRIVER – A video of a UV Express driver who is suffering from Parkinson’s Disease but continues to make a living went viral on social media.

Unfortunately, a lot of people have no choice but to continue making a living despite of their health condition. These people wanted to help their loved ones regardless of their situation.

One of these people is Rodinel Dalisay, a driver from Binangonan Rizal. Recently, a video of him went viral on the social media.

The video of Dalisay was posted on the Facebook page “Raffy Tulfo Supporters”. It is credited to a certain Janine Malagueno Pochoco. Based on the caption, he is a UV Express driver with Parkinson’s Disease.

UV Express Driver
Screengrabbed from Facebook/Raffy Tulfo Supporters

Dalisay is a driver for thirty years (30) now and he continues to strive in life despite of his situation. According to him, he is suffering from the said disease for nine(9) years now.

Parkinson’s Disease is a type of condition wherein the nerve cells in the brain which are responsible for the production of dopamine are affected. It can lead to changes in gait and speech.

In the viral video of the UV Express driver with Parkinson’s Disease, it could be seen that his involuntary movements is covering a wider range already. He can also hardly speak well.

The video was taken in the pursuit of finding help for Rodinel Dalisay specifically in finding him a much safer source of living.

As of this writing, the viral video has already racked up more than two(2) thousand nine(9) hundred comments on Facebook. Here are some of the netizens’ reactions:

Jay Marquez Llamoso: “I SALUTE YOU SIR ,GOD BLESS YOU”

Dads Cayanan: “Take care always & God bless.”

Aicee Carlos: “God bless po kuya.YOU ARE THE BEST DRIVER I EVER SEEN.”

Mer Santos: “I salute you sir… ingat po lagi sa pag ddrive… God bless po..”

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