Alex Gonzaga Persona Non Grata Issue: Netizens ‘Cancelledt’ The Actress

Netizens “cancelledt” Alex Gonzaga due to the persona non grata issue

Kapamilya actress-host Alex Gonzaga is now “cancelledt” for many netizens after the persona non grata issue surfaced on social media.

The term “cancelled” originally means “no longer planned or scheduled; invalidated; removed”. However, this term earned a new meaning in the millennial generation.

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Netizens have been using this term when they mean that people “no longer matter and what happens to them should no longer matter,” according to The Odyssey Online.

Meanwhile, the Scout Mag PH has this definition of the term “cancelledt”:
“Cancelledt is usually used after someone is called out for something unpleasant they’ve done or said.”

This was the same term that Alex Gonzaga received from the online community after what she said in a campaign sortie in Paranaque.

Based on a previous report, the actress-host said that the City Mayor is “mandurugas”. Because of this, the city council declared her persona non grata.

Following this issue, Alex expressed her apology to all the people of Paranaque, especially those who got offended.

She reasoned out that she got emotional during that time when she heard the story with the same situation that happened to her father in Taytay, Rizal.

Apparently, several netizens did not like what she said against the Paranaque City Mayor.

Some netizens have “cancelledt” her.

Here are some of the comments against Alex Gonzaga.

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It can be recalled that before the persona non grata issue, the actress-host also received criticisms when she attended the private dinner at the Malacanang Palace with President Rodrigo Duterte.

She said that she did not really know the purpose of the event which garnered criticisms from netizens.

Then, several netizens concluded that her reason was the candidacy of her father.

What can you say about this?

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