El Niño Damage Amounts To 8 Billion Pesos

This Year’s El Niño Damaged At Least 8 Billion Pesos Worth Of Crops

EL NIÑO – The extreme heat brought by El Niño has damaged crops across 14 regions in the country with worth amounting to 8 Billion pesos.

The El Niño truly is an extreme burden for most Filipinos. The scorching heat doesn’t only cause health and skin problems but also brings damage to cultivated crops and lands.

El niño
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Here is a recent update on El Niño for March to May of 2019.

Currently, as per the records of NDRRMC, almost 8 billion pesos worth of agricultural damage was brought by the El Niño to 14 regions across the country.

Specifically, the executive director of NDRRMC, Ricardo Jalad, the extreme heat affected an estimate of 247,610 farmers.

The monetary worth of the damage is at a close estimate of P7,962,521,866. Most of the damages were crops of rice and corn. However, some high-value crops were also affected.

This is according to an article from Philstar.

As of the record yesterday, here’s the sum of all the affected agricultural land across the regions:

  • 34,602 hectares in Cordillera Administrative Region (27449 farmers))
  • 1,199 hectares in Ilocos (897 farmers)
  • 125,732 hectares in Cagayan Valley (112,580 farmers)
  • 1,143 hectares in Central Luzon
  • 5,509 hectares in CALABARZON (5,257 farmers)
  • 17,847 hectares in MIMAROPA (13,204 farmers)
  • 26,676 hectares in Bicol (22,902 farmers)
  • 3,254 hectares in Western Visayas (4,056 farmers)
  • 15,146 hectares in Eastern Visayas (18,187 farmers)
  • 7,230 hectares in Western Mindanao (6,859 farmers)
  • 6,498 hectares in Northern Mindanao (5,085 farmers)
  • 1557 hectares in Davao (1,843 farmers)
  • 9,977 hectares in Central Mindanao (8,655 farmers)
  • 2,525 hectares in Caraga (2,213 farmers)
  • 18,995 hectares in Bangsamoro (18,423 farmers)

Due to the phenomenon, 43 local government units had to declare their areas under a state of calamity.

That is all there is to it, atleast for now. We’ll post updates, as soon as we got them.

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