Chinese President Calls President Duterte His ‘Genuine Friend’

The Chinese President Referred To President Duterte As His “Genuine Friend”

CHINESE PRESIDENT – Xi Jinping, President of China, called President Rodrigo Duterte his ‘genuine friend’ during bilateral talk.

Chinese President Xi Jinping also have stated in the past year that the mutual friend between China and Philippines is the only right choice for both countries. Read more about it here.

Chinese President
Photo taken from Joseph Morong’s Twitter

Xi Jinping (last year) explained the importance of good relations with neighboring countries in his statement:

“Given the profound and complex changes in the world, good-neighborliness and friendship is the only right choice for China and the Philippines.”

President Xi Jinping visited the country last November. The first time for a Chinese president to visit Philippines in 13 years.

Xi Jinping also said before that China is looking forward to working with the Philippines to develop “greater progress in relations”.

Recently, both leaders, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte and President Xi Jinping held bilateral talks. In which, the Chinese president called the Filipino President his ‘genuine friend’ in his opening statement.

President Duterte flew to the Great Hall of the People in Beijing to attend to the bilateral meeting. The two presidents are expected to talk about the on-going West Philippine Sea and the South China Sea issue.

During the bilateral meeting, Xi Jinping also sent condolences to the earthquake victims.

This is based on the Twitter posts of Joseph Morong, GMA 7 Reporter.

A photo of the Xi Jinping and Rodrigo Duterte was also posted by GMA News on Twitter.

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