Breathtaking Scene of Quake Hitting Porac Again During Rescue Operation

Earthquake Hitting Porac Again During Rescue Operation Caught on Camera

The breathtaking scene of magnitude 4.5 quake hitting the town of Porac, Pampanga during a rescue operation was caught on camera.

Earlier this week, Pampanga has been struck by a magnitude 6.1 earthquake causing damage in several establishments in the area.

The devastating quake also took the lives of several residents in the area due to collapsed buildings.

Breathtaking Scene

The Pampanga quake was followed by several tremors in other places including Samar and Davao Oriental.

Recently, the Facebook page GMA news has shared the actual footage of a breathtaking scene of rescuers running away from the damaged building during their search and rescue operation.

In the video, it can be seen that the rescuers who saved the lives of trapped residents immediately run away from the damaged building after shook by a magnitude 4.5 quake.

Breathtaking Scene

The video has a caption of:

“Ramdam ang pagyanig ng Magnitude 4.5 na lindol habang nagsasagawa ng search and rescue operations ang mga awtoridad sa gumuhong gusali sa Porac, Pampanga.”


The social media users have also expressed their reactions on the incident:

Breathtaking Scene

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