Jesus Falcis Slams Coco Martin’s “Kabaklaan” Statement

Coco Martin received criticism from Atty. Jesus Falcis for his “di kabaklaan” statement

Atty. Jesus Falcis slammed the “kabaklaan” statement of Ang Probinsyano actor Coco Martin regarding the alleged giving birth of Julia Montes.

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That came from the statement of Coco on his Instagram post which appeared to be his answer to the rumors that he and Julia already have their baby.

Coco is currently paired with Yassi Pressman in the Kapamilya action-drama series. Behind their tandem, rumors that Coco and Julia has a relationship continued to linger, especially in the hearts of CocoJul fans.

When the actress went to Germany, the rumors that she was pregnant became louder. Later on, it was alleged that she already gave birth at a hospital in San Juan.

Amid this issue, Coco Martin remained silent which received criticisms from the fans of his rumored girlfriend.

However, on Sunday, the actor appeared to be addressing the issue in an indirect manner.

Coco Martin
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Part of his statement said that “Ang hindi ko pagkibo at hindi pagpatol sa mga bagay na hindi kauunlad ng ating bayan ay hindi kabaklaan at kaduwagan…”

This statement from the actor did not sit well with Atty. Jesus Falcis, who is vocal about his gender preference.

The lawyer expressed his thoughts regarding what Coco Martin said on his IG post.

Here is the post of the Atty. Falcis:

Bad statement from Coco Martin. Says he has a private life and he is just working hard quietly. Umm… not when you are a top endorser and a role model. There’s nothing wrong with premarital sex and having a kid outside of marriage. You don’t have to conform. But be honest if it’s true.

And to imply “kabaklaan” as a negative thing:

“Ang hindi ko pagkibo at hindi pagpatol sa mga bagay na hindi kauunlad ng ating bayan ay hindi kabaklaan.” 🙄

What can you say about this?

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