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Seph Ubalde taught us amazing lessons about depression

Former TV news anchor Seph Ubalde taught many people the lessons about depression through his video which was published after his death.

He was found dead submerged in the water in the bathtub inside the bathroom of his hotel room last April 1, 2019.

seph ubalde
Photo source: @seph_ubalde IG

His death shocked many because people around him seen him as a jolly person. However, his last post on his Instagram account appeared to be a premonition. His caption was “Freedom”.

On April 5, Seph’s scheduled post was published on his Facebook account. In the video, he opened up about his depression and this taught many the hard lessons about this mental health condition.

He said that his depression might be a result of the physical and emotional abuse he received from his father. The fact that he experienced bullying could also be a major factor.

The struggle within himself when it comes to his identity and gender also added burden to his emotional state.

According to an article from Inquirer, “adverse childhood experiences (ACE), such as being abused by a parent or being bullied, contribute to one’s depression later in life.”

Dr. Edwin de Leon, a child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist on the Behavioral Health Team of Riverside County in California said, “bullying can be the most invalidating and humiliating moment in a young boy’s life.”

The doctor also said that it is important for other family members to take seriously the issue of depression. In the case of Seph Ubalde, he has nothing to talk to about what he felt.

He said that he wished he had more friends that would really be concerned with what he was going through.

Seph reiterated the “compassionate listening”.

“At times, the depressed person may want to be left alone. However, letting them know we are available should they need to talk and making sure we practice compassionate listening and acknowledge their pain is the best that we can offer at that time,” Dr. De Leon said.

The doctor added that simply listening and being there is the best form of validation.

Seph Ubalde said in his video that he stopped taking medications but according to the article, this is not advisable.

Medication for treating depression must be prescribed by a psychiatrist. The patient must tell the doctor if he or she is not comfortable with it, or is experiencing side effects.

Most of the time, the question “how are you?” receives “I’m fine” response. However, Seph said that there is more behind that phrase and people should be more aware of that.

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