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4:10 PM March 26, 2019

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List of Requirements To Avail PAL PWD Discount

PAL PWD DISCOUNT – Here is a list of the requirements for a person with disability to avail a discount on flight tickets with Philippine Airlines.

Aside from PAL Senior Citizen Discount and PAL Student Discount, the Philippine Airlines also gives discount to persons with disabilities or PWDs. They can avail it provided they comply with the requirements and terms.

Based on the official website of PAL, the said discount is open for Filipinos who have “long-term physical, mental, intellectual, or sensory impairments” that prevents their full participation to the society.

According to the airline, the PAL PWD discount is a 20% discount on regular domestic fares only. It cannot be used under international and promotional flights of the airline.

PAL PWD Discount
Photo Courtesy of PhilStar

Furthermore, based on the official post of PAL, the discount is also not applicable to other airline services including the following:

  • Excess baggage
  • Cargo and cargo related fees/penalties
  • Taxes, penalties and fees (e.g. aviation security fee, ticket extension fee, rebooking fee, rush processing fee, non-user’s fee, buy miles, transfer miles, reinstatement of expired miles, sports plus subscripton)
  • Tickets claimed as prize or reward
  • Other non-fare related transactions

To avail the PAL PWD Discount, there are check-in requirements needed to be presented by the passenger.

According to the airline, for online booking, a passenger must present the following in accordance to CAB Resolution No. 41:

  • PWD ID
  • Philippine Passport; or
  • Any valid ID issued by the government

Philippine Airlines stated that failure to present the above-mentioned requirements may result to the collection of the 20% discount and the 12% VAT and the payment of Php 1,500.00 or the forfeiture of the ticket.

For over-the-counter purchases, the passenger must present the following to avail the PWD discount:

  • PWD identification card issued by the Office of Persons with Disability Affairs (PDAO) or the City/Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (C/MSWDO) of the place where the PWD resides; or
  • PWD identification card (ID) issued by the National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA); or
  • The Philippine passport of the PWD with an apparent disability.

We’re pleased to have helped you on your inquiry regarding the requirements. Thank you for visiting us. Rest assured we’ll continue to post informative updates.

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