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4 Kinds of Sentences & The Examples of Each

KINDS OF SENTENCES – Here is a list of the four(4) types of sentences and as well as the examples for each.

One of the English lessons taught in the elementary level is about the kinds sentences. There are actually four(4) basic types of sentence and they have a distinct difference from each other.

These four(4) types of sentences are the Declarative Sentence, Interrogative Sentence, Imperative Sentence, and Exclamatory Sentence.

In this article, we will talk about the four(4) types of sentences and as well as their examples:

Types of Sentences

4 Types of Sentences & Its Examples

1. Declarative Sentence

The Declarative Sentence refers to a plain statement. It starts with a big letter and ends with a period. It has a subject and a verb.


  • Lara called the police.
  • The kettle was left in the kitchen
  • Avery barked at the stranger.
  • Phil is going to visit Enrique at the hospital tomorrow.
  • The sky is bright.

2. Interrogative Sentence

The Interrogative Sentence is also called the Question Sentence based on an article on Grammar. It starts with the “wh” question or the “how” and ends with a question mark.


  • How are you today?
  • Where is Duchess going?
  • What is the name of Olive’s favorite stuffed toy?
  • How many students are coming to the exhibit?
  • When is the birthday of Duchess?

3. Imperative Sentence

Based on the article, the Imperative Sentence is the command sentence. It may use words like “kindly” and “please”.


  • Please turn off the television after you watch.
  • Kindly return the chair at the Principal’s Office.
  • Move all the folders at the back of the room.
  • Please find me a female pug puppy.
  • Kindly feed all the puppies now.

4. Exclamatory Sentence

The Exclamatory Sentence is the type of sentence that conveys emotion. It uses the exclamation point.


  • Ouch!
  • What a very big cup!
  • I like this shirt!
  • The cake is so delicious!
  • What a very small car!
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