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2:18 PM March 16, 2019

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2:18 PM March 16, 2019

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List of Sun Life Educational Insurance Policies, Coverage of Each

SUN LIFE EDUCATIONAL INSURANCE – Here is a list of the educational insurance policies offered by Sun Life Financial and their coverage.

Sun Life Financial, one of the giant companies in the Philippines when it comes to insurance policies, offers several types of insurance. Aside from Sun Life Health Insurance, it also offers insurance for education.

Surely, a lot of parents wanted to secure their children’s future and it may include an educational insurance policy. In that way, you can be relieved by the fact that he or she can pursue the course he or she wants to take.

The good thing about the Sun Life educational insurance policies is that they don’t cover academic expenses only. Its coverage is wide that some policies even include fund access and living benefits.

Sun Life Educational Insurance

Based on the official website of the company, they offer eleven (11) Sun Life educational insurance policies. Here is a list of the insurance policies they offer and an overview of the coverage of each:


Sun Dream Achiever
Coverage: 15 to 20 Years

  • Ideal for educational plans
  • Life insurance coverage
  • Increasing cash benefit

SUN Smarter Life Elite
Coverage: Until 100 years old

  • Double Insurance Coverage
  • Guaranteed cash benefit
  • Living benefits

Sun Acceler8
Coverage: 20 Years

  • Increasing coverage amount
  • Increasing cash benefits
  • Living benefits

Sun FlexiLink
Coverage: Until 88 years old

  • Insurance with investment
  • Affordable plan
  • Regular payment period

Sun FlexiDollar
Coverage: Until 88 years old

  • Insurance with investment
  • Access to global funds
  • Regular payment period

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