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11:45 AM March 16, 2019

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11:45 AM March 16, 2019

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List of 10 Most Expensive Countries w/ Regards to Cost of International Flight

EXPENSIVE COUNTRIES – Here is a list of ten(10) expensive countries to visit in terms of the international flight cost.

Undeniably, one of the best way to unload the stress within us is through traveling. In that way, you get to see a new perspective on life, gain new and unique experiences, and meet new people from different walks of life.

With regards to traveling, you can go for domestic travel, a travel within your home country, or international travel. In the case of the latter, while there are affordable countries to visit, there are also expensive ones.

Expensive Countries International Flight Cost
Photo Courtesy of The Irish Times

The expensiveness of a country may include the flight tickets going there, the accommodation rates, the food, the public vehicle fees, and a lot more. You may start looking at the flight ticket which is something that you have to pay first before the travel.

Based on an article on Telegraph, with regards to the cost of international flights, here is a list of top ten(10) most expensive countries to visit based on the rate per 100 kilometer of travel:

  1. Canada – £33.77 per 100km
  2. Oman – £23.66 per 100km
  3. Bolivia – £22.27 per 100km
  4. Argentina – £21.52 per 100km
  5. Japan – £20.44 per 100km
  6. Denmark – £17.47 per 100km
  7. Venezuela – £16.61 per 100km
  8. Taiwan – £14.69 per 100km
  9. Qatar – £14.49 per 100km
  10. Belarus – £14.45 per 100km

Based on the article, Japan and Taiwan are among the expensive Asian countries to travel. Meanwhile, if it is really your dream to visit any of those countries on the list, you can always save up for them. There is nothing like achieving your dream destination.

We’re pleased to have helped you on your inquiry regarding the most expensive countries to visit in terms of international flight cost. Thank you for visiting us. Rest assured we’ll continue to post informative updates.

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