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10:57 AM March 15, 2019

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10:57 AM March 15, 2019

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How to Rehydrate Fast? Here Are the Four(4) Drinks To Achieve Quick Post-Workout Rehydration

HOW TO REHYDRATE FAST – Here is a list of four(4) drinks that you can take for quick rehydration after a workout.

Undeniably, a lot of us are often dehydrated. This usually happens after a strenuous activity under the mid-day sun or a workout at the gym and we would often crave so much for cold water or beverages to ease our thirst.

Dehydration happens when we lose so much electrolytes due to sweating. To this, water is the best remedy but there are also other drinks that we can consider to rehydrate fast.

Based on an article on HealthLine, aside from water, you may actually drink either chocolate milk, tea, coconut water, or cherry juice to achieve quick rehydration after a workout.

How To Rehydrate Fast

Chocolate Milk

Based on the article, the chocolate milk contains essential electrolytes for the body thus it is an excellent post-workout drink. It is also high in water content and it also contains glycogen which is best paired with protein for the recovery of tired muscles.

How To Rehydrate Fast
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Green and black tea contain high levels of antioxidants and it can help your muscles recover quickly. Based on the article, it is also excellent in fat oxidation or the breaking of fats into small molecules for energy.

How To Rehydrate Fast
Photo Courtesy of Harvard Health Publishing

Coconut Water

Just like the prominent sports drinks, Coconut Water also contains a lot of electrolytes like magnesium and potassium. Furthermore, based on the article, it also contains less sodium compared to the sports drinks thus making it more essential for replenishing.

How To Rehydrate Fast
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Cherry Juice

The best things about cherry juice as a post workout drink is that it helps in anti-inflammatory response, prevents loss of strength, and reduces the damage in the muscles.

How To Rehydrate Fast
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So these are the four(4) excellent drinks after workout aside from water. In case there is no water the next time around or any of these is available, you’ll know what to do next.

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