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11:52 AM March 13, 2019

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11:52 AM March 13, 2019

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House Resolution Filed by BAYAN MUNA Rep To Conduct Probe On Sudden Water Interruption

BAYAN MUNA Representative has filed a House Resolution to conduct an investigation regarding the sudden water interruption.

Carlos Zarate filed the House Resolution 2518 asking the congress to investigate the water interruption over some parts of the country.

Zarate, a representative of BAYAN MUNA was urging the committee on good government and public accountability hold the hearing to review the incidents of sudden no water service in the National Capital Region (NCR), Rizal, and Cavite.

Water Interruption

The House Resolution shows that Manila Water announced the no water service across the entire ‘East Zone’ but date and time have not been specified.

Manila Water announced that the adjustment would help to reduce the rapid declination of water level in La Mesa Dam.

The House of Representative Committee were ordered to hold a hearing to review the water service interruption incident in the NCR, Cavite, and Rizal and its impact to provision of water service quality.

Water Interruption

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