Cristy Fermin Criticized Kris Aquino’s ‘Pa-victim’, Greta Reacts

Gretchen Barretto reacts to the criticism of Cristy Fermin over Kris Aquino’s “pa-victim”

Entertainment reporter Cristy Fermin criticized Kris Aquino’s “pa-victim” act on her show and this received reaction from Gretchen Barretto.

Cristy Fermin
Screenshot from Nicko Falcis’ IG video

Greta has openly showed support to Kris’ former business partner Nicko Falcis whom she accused of stealing money from her.

Gretchen Barretto
Photo source: Instagram

Nicko recently shared on his Instagram account a video clip showing a portion of Cristy’s criticism to Kris.

The entertainment reporter/columnist said that the Queen of all Media should not involve her son Josh to the issue with Phillip Salvador.

“Kasi yung bata ang laging nasasangkalan eh, wala namang kaalam-alam yung bata sa issue na ito, tuloy ang lumalabas sa social media diversionary tactics na naman ito ni Kris Aquino,” Cristy said.

kris aquino
Photo source: @livelifewithkris IG

She was referring to the issue surfacing on social media that Kris’ act of “pa-victim” was intended to divert people’s attention to the fact that 2 of 8 cases she filed against Nicko were already dismissed.

The showbiz reporter also criticized the statement of Kris saying that Phillip is just a collateral damage to her anger.

“Tama mo bang ginawa yan?” Cristy Fermin asked.

This video clip that Nicko shared on IG received reaction from Greta.

The former actress said, “Cristy Fermin is on point.”

Screenshot from @nix722 IG

Gretchen also agreed to one comment of netizen against the “pa-victim” of Kris.

Screenshot from @nix722 IG

Here are some comments from netizens.

Screenshot from @nix722 IG

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