Dangerous Online Games That Caused Death Or Serious Injury

Here are some of the popular dangerous online games that have harmed many or even caused the deaths of the players

Dangerous online games have been reaching every corner of the globe with internet and here are some of the popular examples.

As the “Momo Challenge” have dominated the kids’ videos on YouTube these past few days and brought a scare to children and their parents, this list of online games that are dangerous could serve as an eye-opener.

Charlie Charlie

At first, this was identified as an urban legend but it caught the attention of the online community when the #CharlieCharlieChallenge dominated Twitter for several times.

In this game, four quadrants are formed on a paper through two crossing pencils placed in the middle. Two of the quadrants are labeled “yes” while the other two are labeled “no”.

Then, the players would ask the demon Charlie which will the pencils to move pointing the “yes” or “no”. This might not sound dangerous but based on the legend, Charlie will continue to hunt the player who did not properly close the game and these caused a scare to many also.

Dangerous Online Games
Photo source: Cnet

Cinnamon Challenge

This came from a popular YouTube prank. A participant would swallow a spoonful of ground cinnamon in 60 seconds. Since the spice is caustic, trying to swallow it can cause choking, throat irritation, breathing trouble and even collapsed lungs.

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Choking Game

This is also called as the fainting game and it can involve 2 or more participants. One player intentionally strangulates the other player and this caused deprivation of oxygen to the brain resulting in temporary unconsciousness and the high of feeling dizzy.

According to India Times, this game has caused the death of 250 to 1,000 persons every year in the US.

Photo source: New York Post

Fire Challenge

Several teenagers were hooked on this online game. They literally set themselves on fire by placing flammable liquid on their upper body and set it aflame.

Photo source: Mortal Journey

Tide Pod Challenge

The candy-like laundry pod is bitten down and it can be spit out or ingest. This game’s origin is not clear but it appeared to be from a joke online about the dangerous product but with bright-colored appearance like candies.

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The Salt and Ice Challenge

This dangerous online game caught the attention of many teenagers and compared how they performed to the one did by their peers. In this challenge, salt is put on the skin of the participant and then ice is placed over it. This will cause horrific burns, similar to frostbites as salt drastically reduces the temperature of the ice to as low as -26 degrees Celcius.

Photo source: Rebel Circus

Cutting Challenge

This had become one of the most dangerous online games as teenagers cut themselves on purpose. Then, they would take photos of their injuries and post it online which for them is a glorious thing to do.

Photo source: Indian Times

Blue Whale Challenge

Participants are instructed to do 50 tasks and the final task is to commit suicide. This one of the dangerous online games has claimed more than 100 lives already.

Photo source: Times Now

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