PBB Otso: LizQuen Love Team Did Remarkable Scene From “Alone/Together” In Front Of Housemates

PBB Otso housemates went giddy up after watching LizQuen act in front of them.

PBB OTSO – Kapamilya love team Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano acted the remarkable scene from “Alone/Together” film in front of the housemates.

In a previous report, the prominent Kapamilya love team Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil visited Kuya and his current housemates again. And this time, they have turned to be directors and tested the acting skills of the housemates.

PBB Otso

The pairs are: Fumiya and Mary Grace, Wakim and Tori, Mark and Mitch, Yamyam doing “doble kara”, and Andre and Lou. One pair stood out and that is Andre and Lou as chosen by the Kapamilya love team.

LizQuen lauded the efforts of the housemates and for doing their best but only announced one winner. Enrique said, “But we have one winner who we thought really did well, I mean everybody did well, but I think there’s this one scene where we felt like she really felt it and I think that’s what saved the team by 1 point, just by 1 point. Actually just .5 and the .5 went to you guys (pointing to Andre and Lou).”

And if the housemates did well in doing the particular scene, LizQuen also nailed it right in front of Kuya and the housemates whose reactions are really funny, especially Wakim’s.

Watch below:

Here are some comments from the post:

Yamyam has a lot of respect for liza. Hindi sya lumagpas sa boundary and limitation as a fan. Di nag take advantage. Just enough.

Kuya Yamyam and Kuya Wakim’s reaction are the best

Grabeng tawang tawa ako sa reaksyon ni Wakim… HAHAHAHA grabe di ko mapigilan yong tawa ko sa kanya..


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