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1:07 PM February 15, 2019

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1:11 PM February 15, 2019

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Netizens were shocked after PBB Otso genius housemate Wakim confessed to Tori.

PBB OTSO – The “Gifted Go-Getter” of Iloilo Wakim Regalado shocks people with his “da moves” and confessions to fellow housemate Tori.

Something romantic is really going on and trying to grow between the housemates inside the Pinoy Big Brother house. And liking someone are one of the things that any person can’t probably have a control with.

Same as with Wakim for liking the “Bombshell Sweetie ng Singapore” Tori. She is the newest housemate who entered the house after Apey’s eviction. And since, some male housemates was not able to handle their attraction towards her such as Yamyam and Wakim.

PBB Otso

Unexpected and really a shock to some, Wakim has something for Tori. Grabbing the opportunity while they were inside the house as both of them along with Mark are nominated and on the verge of eviction for this week’, he did it.

In a unique way of confessing, Wakim used these candies with romantic statement to express what he truly feels. Obviously feeling awkward while in the middle of their conversation as he was able to have a solo time with her in the garden area, Wakim eventually made it and clearly delivered to Tori how much he likes her.

Here’s what he said:

“I think you’re awesome and you make me smile and I really like hanging out with you. You’re a really good friend… I really like you. You’re really smart and really funny and you’re one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. And I’m really glad you’re here. And I just thought you might deserve to know. So, Tori, I really like you. Bye.”

After confessing, he ended it with a hug with her.

Read some comments of the netizens to this:

PBB Otso
Photo grabbed on YouTube
PBB Otso
Photo grabbed on YouTube
PBB Otso
Photo grabbed on YouTube


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