Farmer Possibly Bitten By Snake Found Dead In Zamboanga Del Norte

Farmer Found Dead in Zamboanga Del Norte, Police Suspects Snake Bite as Cause

FARMER – A farmer possibly bitten by a snake was found dead in a barangay in Zamboanga del Norte.

Among the animals with kinds that are potentially risky for human beings is the snake, an elongated reptile. The bites of some of its kinds may lead to as far as human death.

Recently, a news report regarding an incident that possibly involves a snake bite crossed the surface.

Farmer Dead Zamboanga Del Norte
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Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, a farmer was found dead in a barangay in Zamboanga del Norte and the police authorities suspect that his death was caused by a snake bite.

The man was identified as Dioscoro Lastimosa, 54 years old. He was found dead in a barangay in the city of Piñan, Zamboanga del Norte. According to his wife, he went out to catch fishes in the river for their lunch.

Based on the report, what was found near the body of the victim were a pail, a pair of slippers, and scattered fishes which are believed to have been caught by him.

According to Piñan Police PO3 Erric Bahin who investigated the incident, the farmer that was found dead in Zamboanga del Norte was possibly bitten by a snake as previously the residents have found one.

Based on the investigation, three small wounds that are like dots were found in the thighs of Lastimosa.

Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ (DENR) Animal Wildlife Division special investigator Paulyn Mae Larajo expressed that, possibly, it was a king cobra that attacked the victim.

Currently, the residents where the incident happened are advised by the authorities to go away from places where snakes can possibly stay while they have yet to be caught.

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