Author: Sandy Ghaz
Date: February 14, 2019
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Photos of Cabbage Roses Grown in Benguet’s North Blossom Flower Farm

CABBAGE ROSES – Beautiful cabbage roses were found in North Blossom Flower Farm in Benguet.

Are you one of the individuals who are fond of growing flowers or have a great fascination for it? You might like to travel to Benguet soon as one of the farm there grows rare kinds of flowers.

Due to its weather condition which is excellent in growing flowers, several kinds of flowers that surely not everyone has seen but most will like can be found there.

Based on a recent social media post on Twitter by YouScoop, some of these beautiful flowers can be found in North Blossom Flower Farm in Benguet. It is a farm where rare cabbage roses are grown.

Based on the social media post, the farm which is owned by Lany Ganayan is specifically found in Atok, Benguet. According to the farm owner, the main usage of these rare flowers is ornamental.

Meanwhile, these cabbage flowers found in North Blossom Flower Farm in Benguet are also edible. The photos were taken by a YouScooper in January 30.

This kind of rare flower is a hybrid. It is characterized by having green pinnate leaves and globular flowers with petals that overlap each other – indeed like that of the cabbage.

The petals of this kind of flower comes with scent. Its color may range from pink to a combination of red and purple.

Based on another social media post on the same Twitter page, aside from the beautiful roses that look like cabbages, there are other unique flowers that can be found in the farm.

Among the other flowers in North Blossom Flower Farm are snapdragons, larkspurs, and matthioles.

Do you wish to visit the farm soon?

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