Author: Sandy Ghaz
Date: January 22, 2019
in: Viral Videos
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Viral Video of Plane Passenger Screaming “Jesus, Jesus” Inside an Airplane

PLANE PASSENGER – A video of a woman passenger of an airplane screaming “Jesus, Jesus” went viral on the social media.

Amid the several people not believing in God, most of the populace cling strong to the faith that there is Someone greater Who takes control of the world and loves and protects His sons and daughters.

Many of us believe that God works even in the most unexpected ways and some things that disappoint us were actually permitted to happen for the greater good.

That is what most of the netizens who have watched the viral video of a plane passenger screaming “Jesus, Jesus” inside the airplane surely realized after watching it.

Plane Passenger
Screengrabbed Facebook/Christian Today

On social media, a video of a woman screaming “Jesus, Jesus” inside the plane was posted on the Facebook page Christian Today.

According to the post, the plane was about to take-off when the woman passenger started screaming “Jesus, Jesus”. She was hopping as she screams and the plane crew came trying to calm her.

Based on the video, the plane passenger screaming “Jesus, Jesus” inside the airplane was touched by the power of the Holy Spirit. She continued screaming and hopping causing the delay of the flight for two (2) hours.

The plane passenger screaming “Jesus, Jesus” was removed off the airplane. Based on the viral video, after she was removed, the airport officials found out that “the plane had a serious engine problem”.

Furthermore, it is stated that if the plane took off two(2) hours earlier, it would have crashed. Here is the viral video:

Woman Screams 'Jesus' As Plane About To Take-Off; What Happens Is Shocking!

Woman Screams 'Jesus' As Plane About To Take-Off; What Happens Is Shocking!

Posted by Christian Today on Friday, January 18, 2019

The video of the plane passenger went viral on social media. As of this writing, it has already gathered more than three(3) thousand shares and 2.2 million views.

Here are some of the comments on the post:

Brendan Griesel: “Let anyone now say that there is no God. The name of Jesus is all powerful and nothing is impossible when God is on our side. Praise the Lord!”

Joel Pili Quiambao: “thanks and praise God because He is good all the time”

Esther Torres: “God speaks to us in many different ways. And he spoke to this woman thru his name which the airline thought she was out of order…”

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