Kendra Kramer Similarities To Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray Impressed Netizens

Kendra Kramer resemblance to Catriona wows netizens.

KENDRA KRAMER – The first born of Cheska and Doug Kramer, Krenda, impresses netizens because of her undeniable similarities to Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray.

Team Kramer is indeed the real #FamilyGoals. Not only they are blessed with gorgeous genes but also they are blessed so much in life with Doug and Cheska as heads of the family granted with three children – Kendra, Scarlet, and Gavin.

And just recently, after Catriona Gray has brought the fourth Miss Universe crown to the country, some people have noticed the similarities of Kendra and Catriona Gray.

See their photos below:

Doug’s caption on post says, “Been getting tagged nonstop with photo collages and messages! And they’ve been congratulating Kendra! Hahaha! Yeah, I actually see it. Kendra does look like Catriona a bit. The nose, shape of the face and eyebrows. But the moment totally belongs to Catriona Gray!”

He also added, “I bet Scarlett and Kendra will start practicing the lava walk with the slow mo spin! Hope you can teach them one day! Amazing! Congratulations!!”

See some comments from the post:

Very True!!! The very 1st time i saw Catriona on tv,i told my husband “she looks like Doug Kramer & Cheska Garcia’s daughter”..Akala ko ako lng nkapansin!!

I see that too.. I guess one of them will be the next Ms. Universe soon.. they’re not just pretty, but smart and good mannered too!

Mas kamukha ni Scarlett hehe lalo na dun sa picture ni Cat nung sumali sya sa Little Miss Philippines.. 

Agree with everyone here, your daughters kendra and scarlett are so pretty. And tanong lang is kung papayag ang tatay when the time comes

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