Richard Gomez Shares Video Feeding His Chicken, Netizens React

Netizens React on the Video of Richard Gomez Feeding his Chicken

RICHARD GOMEZ – Netizens reacted on the video of Richard Gomez feeding his chicken personally.

Filipino actor turned politician Richard Gomez is the husband of the beautiful congresswoman in Leyte, Lucy Torres.

The married celebrity couple was blessed with a beautiful daughter named Juliana Marie Beatriz T. Gomez.

richard gomez
Photo Source: The Manila Times

Following a previous article, the Gomez family celebrated the 18th birthday of their only daughter Juliana last September.

Ormoc Mayor Richard Gomez stated that their daughter just wanted a simple celebration with her friends and loved ones.

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Photo Source: COSMO

Meanwhile, another act of simplicity from the Gomez family was praised by a lot of netizens. Richard Gomez recently shared a photo of him feeding the chicken, turkeys, and geese himself.

In the caption of his post, he identified all the kids of the animals they have on their backyard. He numbered how many of them that he has from each kind.

He said he has 2 turtles, 4 turkeys, 5 geese, 35 chickens. They are also anticipating pet dogs who will be the guardians of Juliana.

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Photo Source: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore

Richer Gomez said on his caption that his wife Lucy Torres requested to add more animals on their backyard. They planned on giving them names someday.

Mayor Richard stated that he fed his those chicken with mixed grains of corn, mongo, trigo, rice, and some other grains.

Netizens expressed their delight after seeing Richard Gomez personally fed his chicken pets. Here are some of their comments on the post:

@mariethesz_gamboa: “I admire goma…walang kaarte arte…not only feeding poultry but also I find his fascination interesting”

@precious_lynlyn: “Papa chard so sipag naman po mag pakain ng mga manok hahah enjoy much”

@tonet_aka_bugay: “sobrang bait sa mga hayop mas lalo po akong humahanga… saludo ako s mga tulad nyo na nagpapahalaga sa buhay ng mga hayop”

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