Ormoc City Mayor Richard Gomez Lambasts NHA For Low-Quality Housing Materials

Richard Gomez lambasted NHA for low-quality materials in housing project in Ormoc

Mayor Richard Gomez lambasted the National Housing Authority officials for low-quality housing materials in a project in Ormoc City.

Richard Gomez
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The housing project was for calamity victims. As part of his obligation to his constituents, the actor-politician visited the site.

Apparently, Richard is not happy regarding the on-going construction. On the Facebook post of netizen Kimmy Alvarez Urboda, the Mayor lambasted the officials of NHA who are in-charge in the project.

He is pointing out that there should be quality control from the beginning. Furthermore, he pointed out that the materials from the supplier should be checked.

(Photo source: Kimmy Alvarez Urboda FB)

Richard also said that since the project has a proper budget then the outcome is expected to be high-quality.

The City Mayor also tackled the issue of “bigayan” in this kind of project in the government.

“Alam naman namin ang mga paraan niyo diyan. Imposible namang hindi kayo nagbibigay dito, imposible namang hindi tumatanggap ang mga ‘to. Wag na tayong maglokohan,” Richard Gomez stressed out.

He also pointed out that he does not care about that. What he cares about is the welfare of his constituents.

“Basta ang pakialam ko is to give people ang tamang gamit na para sa kanila na hindi sila magrereklamo kapag dito na sila nakatira,” the Mayor said.

Richard Gomez
(Photo source: Kimmy Alvarez Urboda FB)

The actor-politician is obviously not satisfied with how the housing project is being done. He even said that whoever will see how the houses were constructed can easily determine that they are low-quality.

Netizens commended the Ormoc City Mayor for thinking about the welfare of the people. Some Facebook user also lambasted the NHA officials.

Here are some comments from netizens.

(screen shot from Kimmy Alvarez Urboda FB)


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