Juliana Gomez Talks About Her Fencing Victory In Thailand

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Juliana Gomez is satisfied with her performance during the fencing championship 21-year-old fencer Juliana Gomez, the daughter of celebrity-politicians Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres, talked about her recent fencing victory in Thailand. It is a known fact that Richard and Lucy are among the prominent personalities in the entertainment industry before they eventually ventured into … Read more

Richard Gomez Daughter Juliana Wins Fencing Competition In Thailand

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Richard Gomez’s Daughter Juliana Won Fencing Championship in Thailand RICHARD GOMEZ – The daughter of Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres, Juliana Gomez won an open fencing competition in Thailand. Juliana Gomez is the only daughter of the celebrity couple and politicians Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres. Both of her parents are currently working as public … Read more

Richard Gomez Opposes Mandatory Drug Testing for Artists

Richard Gomez Disagrees with Mandatory Drug Testing for People in Showbiz Congressman Richard Gomez announced that he opposes mandatory drug testing for artists and people in show business. Despite having long advocated for the fight against drugs, Richard “Goma” Gomez, representative of the fourth district of Leyte, opposes the idea of making drug testing mandatory … Read more

Lucy Torres Shares Her Definition Of Beauty

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What is beauty for Lucy Torres? Ormoc City Mayor Lucy Torres, one of the most beautiful faces in the country, shared her definition of beauty. Lucy’s beauty has captured the attention of a lot of people but only one has captured her heart – her husband actor-politician Richard Gomez. Aside from her beautiful face, Lucy … Read more

Lucy Torres Isn’t Ashamed To Admit She’s An Outfit-Repeater

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Lucy Torres promotes sustainable fashion Ormoc City Mayor Lucy Torres is not ashamed to admit that she wears her clothes over and over again. Being a celebrity, fashion is a sort of automatic thing. This is the reason why many celebrities hire stylists to take care of their outfits, especially on certain occasions. However, for … Read more

Aiko Melendez Agrees with Mandatory Drug Test for Artists

Aiko Melendez Agrees with Mandatory Drug Test Proposal for Artists Veteran actress Aiko Melendez is in favor of the mandatory drug test proposal for artists and people in show business. Aiko Melendez, a councilor for Quezon City, agrees Senator Robin Padilla and Rep. Richard Gomez’s call to discuss the idea of requiring drug testing in … Read more

Richard Gomez, Lucy Torres Rumored Split, Source Speaks

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Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres’s relationship is the recent subject of split rumors A source close to Leyte Representative Richard Gomez has spoken about his rumored breakup with his wife Ormoc City Mayor Lucy Torres. Richard and Lucy have been together for almost three decades now. They are blessed with a beautiful daughter named Juliana. … Read more

Richard Gomez Advice To Juliana Gomez In Choosing A Boyfriend

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Richard Gomez wants his daughter to follow this love advice Actor-politician Richard Gomez shared the advice the he wants his daughter Juliana Gomez should keep in mind in choosing a boyfriend. Richard is one of the matinee idols during in the 1980s until the 1990s. With his looks and fit figure, he captured the admiration … Read more

Richard Gomez Reveals He Became A Millionaire At This Age

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Richard Gomez shared his showbiz journey Actor-politician Richard Gomez revealed that at this age, he already became a millionaire because of his showbiz engagements. Richard is one of the matinee idols during the 80s and 90s. His career soared high and he was able to buy properties from his earnings. This is one of the … Read more