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11:22 AM December 6, 2018

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11:22 AM December 6, 2018

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These three PBB Otso teen housemates were automatically nominated.

PBB OTSO – Due to heavy violations and for the second time around already, these three teen housemates got automatically nominated.

To recall, the first four boy housemates – Josh, Art, Seth, and Aljon – were punished to be an “Ochopus” on their 6th day inside the house for violating a house rule and that is the instances where they did not wear their lapel mic.

PBB Otso

Big Brother has told them then after lifting their punishment, “Hindi ko kayo pinarusahan para pahirapan, pinarusahan ko kayo dahil gusto ko kayong turuan.  Pinagkatiwala kasi kayo ng inyong mga mahal sa buhay sa akin. Ibig sabihin, habang hindi niyo sila kasama, responsibilidad ko kayo.”

Also, Lie and Jelay were also punished by Kuya all for the same reason regarding the rule about their lapel mic and whispering. They become a “Big Bibig” and had a task to confess what they felt for their fellow housemates.

PBB Otso

And now, Jelay, Seth, and Aljon violating house rules again for the second time were punished as they were given automatic nomination. Seth and Aljon punished for speaking about the nominations while Jelay is for breaking a plate.

Watch below:

However, their punishment can only be lifted if they were able to succeed on their fourth weekly task.

Here are the reactions of the online viewers to it:

Wawa nmn si jelay… d nmn nya kasalanan makabasag. Siya kasi madalas magtrabaho sa kusina. Di maiiwasan. Yung dalawa, my fault talaga.

This decision of Big Brother is kinda unfair at ang babaw. Nakahanap lang sila ng butas para basagin ang original housemates.

Nu bayan. Di naman ata sinasadya ni Jelay yung pagkabasag. Sino ba naman gusto makabasag ng plato? Di naman nya yun intensyon.

What can you say about this?

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