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Walt Disney’s Lion King 2019 Trailer Gains Highest Views in 1 Day

LION KING 2019 TRAILER – The trailer of the Lion King 2019 set a record as the Walt Disney trailer with the highest views in just one (1) day.

Undeniably, one of the animated musical fantasy films that are part of the childhood of many people is “The Lion King”. Many won’t surely forget Simba, the son of Mufasa and Sarabi who became King of the Pride Lands.

Lots of kids also surely know Scar, the younger brother of Mufasa who took away the throne. Many were also joyed by the relationship of the King of Pride Lands with his bestfriend, Nala.

After several years since “The Lion King” left marks on the childhood memories of many people, Walt Disney is now set to release the live action adaption of the movie. Many are excited about it and The Lion King 2019 trailer ignited it even more.

Lion King 2019 Trailer

Walt Disney Studios/Youtube

Many are surely eager to watch the upcoming movie as The Lion King 2019 trailer set a record as the Walt Disney trailer with the highest views in just one (1) day.

Based on a report on Variety, the said Walt Disney movie trailer has racked up 224.6 million views globally in just 24 hours. It is now second to Marvel Entertainment’s Avengers: The Infinity War which recorded 238 million views.

Based on the report, James Earl Jones whose voice played for Mustafa’s role will still be a part of The Lion King 2019 with the same role.

Donald Glover, Seth Rogen, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Billy Eichner, John Oliver, Keegan-Michael Key, and Beyonce Knowles-Carter’s voices would also be heard in the upcoming movie. It is set to be released in cinemas on July 19, 2019.

Here is The Lion King 2019 trailer posted by Walt Disney Studios on Youtube:

As of this writing, the trailer posted on the video-sharing platform has already 39,053,072 views. Here are some of the comments on the video:

Exalted Madness: “I am NOT ready to see Mufasa die in this realistic of quality”

A Sunshine: “We’ve had 24 years to get over Mufasa’s death, just to see it again in better quality.”

Eric Champlin: “My first movie ever was The Lion King, 24 years ago. I saw it with my grandma. She’s still alive and we’re seeing this one in theaters too.”

Albukhshi: “At least they kept the original voice actor for Mufasa: I cannot imagine anyone else doing it other than James Earl Jones.”

Superb Stella: “Great. Now we gotta relive Mufasa dying all over again”

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