How Many Were Tony Labrusca-Angel Aquino ‘Glorious’ Kissing Scenes?

Number of  Tony-Labrusca-Angel Aquino ‘Glorious’ kissing scenes revealed

So how many were the Glorious kissing scenes of Tony Labrusca and Angel Aquino in their digital film?

One of the hot topics this week is the May-December love affair movie of Tony and Angel.

Glorious kissing scenes of Tony and Angel
(Photo source: PEP)

Many were intrigued when the trailer was released. It went viral in a short period of time.

There were also those who created funny memes about their controversial Glorious kissing scenes.

Previously, the onscreen couple revealed intriguing things about their kiss for the movie. Tony admitted that he learned a few things from Angel that he will surely take.

During the recently-concluded shoot for Kapamilya station ID, several stars were also hooked to the Glorious fever.

They posed for photos imitating the kissing scenes of Tony and Angel.

Apparently, the movie received a remarkable response from netizens as well as from celebrities. Broadway diva Lea Salonga even commented positive about it.

So why Tony-Angel Glorious kissing scene becomes a hit? People should found out for themselves because the movie is set to stream on iWant starting Novemeber 17.

Meanwhile, the digital film which was directed by Connie Macatuno recently held its premiere.

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It was indeed a star-studded event as fellow celebrities showed support to Tony and Angel.

Based on the article published in PEP, the number of the leads’ Glorious kissing scenes revealed.

It was said that the one shown in the trailer was just the start. All in all, the kissing scenes of Tony and Angel were 8.

After the premiere, Tony thanked Angel for guiding him in their daring scenes while Angel is thankful that the 23-year-old actor accepted the project.

According to the article, the movie incorporated rom-com that set it apart from previous May-December movies.

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