PAG-IBIG HOUSE LOAN: Who Are Eligible For Housing Loan Application

Who Are Eligible For PAG-IBIG House Loan or Housing Loan Application

PAG-IBIG HOUSE LOAN – Here are information on who are eligible for a housing loan application of the PAG-IBIG Fund.

Nowadays, you may own a house even though you’re not one of those who get high monthly income. It was made possible through the PAG-IBIG Fund or the Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF).

The PAG-IBIG Fund is a government corporation that takes charge of providing affordable housing financing to the Filipinos. A member of it can go for a PAG-IBIG Housing Loan Application.

The said PAG-IBIG House Loan application can be done by personally processing your loan or taking initial moves through the online services. You can go for a PAG-IBIG Online Services member registration first.

PAG-IBIG House Loan

Meanwhile, before you would pursue a PAG-IBIG House Loan, you may first check on information about who are eligible for the housing loan application offered by the PAG-IBIG Fund.

Who can apply for a housing loan to PAG-IBIG Fund?

  • A PAG-IBIG contributor who has paid at least 24 monthly contributions under the PAG-IBIG I, PAG-IBIG II, or PAG-IBIG Overseas Program
  • The Contributor must not be older than 65 years old during application
  • He or she must have no outstanding loan with the PAG-IBIG Fund (Borrower or Co-Borrower)
  • The Contributor must have a clean background with regards to the PAG-IBIG housing loan offers. He or she must not have foreclosed or canceled transactions with the government-owned corporation.
  • He or she must have passed the PAG-IBIG Fund background, employment, and credit checking

How about those who have not complied with the first aforementioned requirement?

  • Those PAG-IBIG members who have not yet reached the minimum of 24 monthly contributions paid for eligibility to a PAG-IBIG house loan application may make lump sum payment as long as they have contributed for not less than one year.

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