Diego Loyzaga’s Photo With Woman In Swimwear Elicits Various Reactions

Who is this woman wearing swimwear in the photo with Diego Loyzaga?

The photo of Diego Loyzaga with this woman in a swimwear caught the attention of many netizens and elicited various reactions.

Diego has his fair share of controversies in the past, from his relationship to his shows and social media posts.

Diego Loyzaga
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However, his fans continue to support him all the way, especially his loved ones. Above all, he has the support and unconditional love of his mother, veteran actress Teresa Loyzaga.

Recently, Diego caught the attention of netizens once again. It was because of the photo he posted on his Instagram account. In the photo, he was with a woman who was wearing a sexy bikini. She was no other than but his mother.

Teresa showed that age is just a number as she flaunted her stunning figure with a two-piece swimwear. She is one of the veteran actresses in the Philippine entertainment industry who still has that youthful glow. Aside from her younger-looking face, Teresa also has a fitspiration body that some women envy.

diego loyzaga
📷: The Philippine Star

With her fitness routine and well-balanced diet, the actress is able to maintain her look as if she is just in her 30s. Because of this photo, several Instagram followers of Deigo Loyzaga expressed admiration for his mother.

Here  are some comments from netizens:

Akala ko you edited Gal Gadot to be with you in a photo. Sabi ko ang galing ng editing skills! – IG user @romina_myr

Wowwew ang sexy ng mama mo – IG user @zander_johan_bostedt

Grabe, parang hindi tumatanda si Teresa Loyzaga, bampira po kayo? – IG user @hybdrid0513

At first glance akala ko may bagong gf na si diego – IG user @loren1984

Diego is the son of Teresa with veteran actor and former Tourism Promotions Board Chief Cesar Montano.

Check out the photo of Deigo and Teresa.

diego loyzaga teresa loyzaga
📷: @diegoloyzaga IG

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