Meet Professional Model Santino Rosales, Jericho Rosales’ Son

Meet Santino Rosales, Jericho Rosales’ Son Who’s A Professional Model Now

Meet Santino Rosales, the son of the Filipino celebrity Jericho Rosales who is now a professional model on fashion runway and magazines.

Santino Rosales is the son of Filipino actor, model, endorser Jericho Rosales and Kai Palomares. He was currently following the footsteps of his dad as entering the showbiz industry as he has the looks for becoming a celebrity.

The latter was very close to his mother and usually posts their photos together while having a dinner. He also hangs out with his father often too during weekends and on good terms with his Tita Kim Jones (Jericho’s wife).

Santino Rosales

The 16-year-old model was just starting his career and being guided by his parents in decision making.

Santino Rosales

Now, Santino was already building his name as a runway and fashion magazine covers. He has been also one of the models for Chris Diaz and Philip Rodriguez’s collections during the Manila Fashion Festival.

The young model recently posed for the latest issue of Garage magazine as a cover boy. He is also a part of the Professional Models Association of the Philippines (PMAP).

Santino Rosales

Santino Rosales

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