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12:14 PM October 20, 2018

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4:14 PM October 20, 2018

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Here are the performances of It’s Showtime hosts for the Magpasikat 2018 

ABS-CBN’s noontime show It’s Showtime recently held its Magpasikat 2018.

Within a week, hosts showcased their talents in various production numbers.

Magpasikat 2018 of It's Showtime

(Photo source: ABS-CBN)

October 15, Monday – Team Jugs and Teddy

These two rock stars showcased their ability to make people cry with their dramatic stint.

They performed together with Hashtags members Zeus, Vitto, and Maru and GirlTrends Joana and Mica.

October 16, Tuesday – Team of Vice Ganda and Amy Perez

The tandem of Vice and Amy showed to the audience a colorful depiction of the power of dreams.

They gave inspiration that anyone could have the capacity to achieve something.


October 17, Wednesday – Team Anne and Mariel

Magpasikat Week is indeed a blast with the surprising performance of Mariel Rodriguez together with Anne Curtis.

The audience got to see the other side of Mariel as she and Anne showcased their death-defying stunts while dancing.


October 18, Thursday – Team Vhong and Ryan

The Magpasikat 2018 performance of Vhong Navarro and Ryan Bang depicted the value of how a person should treat other people.

They wanted to convey the message that bullying has to be stopped.

October 19, Friday – Team Jhong and Karylle

Together with Hashtags members Ronnie, Jimboy, Rayt and GirlTrends’ Chienna and Jessica, Jhong and Karylle showcased their musical talent.

Once again they had a musical production featuring the theme of unconditional love. They were last year’s champion in It’s Showtime Magpasikat Week.


This year’s judges are Empoy Marquez, Shalani Soledad-Romulo, Rey “PJ” Abellana, celebrity couple Ronnie and Maris Ricketts and Gus Abelgas as the “punong hurado.”

The winner will be announced on October 20.

After a week of superb performances, the Grand Champion of Magpasikat 2018 is the Team of KARYLLE AND JHONG

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